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Thursday, December 24, 2009

~ Yasotha Selvarajah's Poems ~

It is all we have.
Do not let it slip…..
It is all
We may ever have.

Giving us the chance to dream…..
Due to the possibility
Of materialization
Of that very dream.

Have faith in it…
From the deep depths within you.
What is there to life
Without ever- present hope?

Cling on
With a determination
To succeed, at least
To hold onto hope.

For then,
Nothing can shatter you,
Nothing can depress you,
Nothing can overcome you.

You’ll accept life
For what it is.
You ‘ll challenge life
For what it has to offer.

You’ll cherish life,
You’ll embrace life,
You’ll live life
As best as you can.

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Do you wait also,
For tomorrow?
Patiently at times,
Though not always?

I see you on my side
Of the shoreline,
You look hopeful,
In anticipation.

Need I be the one
To clear the fog
Which blurs your vision
Of the truths of tomorrow?

Tomorrow, dear friend,
Never comes.
You wait expectantly
For what will never be!

For tomorrow
Is always tomorrow.
Never, ever,
Will it be today.

Though you pray,
And hope,
And dream,
Yet will you sigh…

For it is beyond you reach.
You’ll surely come close….
But time will slip again…,
As always

And it will be far away…
As far as ever
Tomorrow can be
From any today!

Do not wait, friend,
For what you’ll never reach.
Reap your harvest today.
Smile today, for today.
Today is always yours.
Use it to the utmost.
Never wait.
Find your joy, today.

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